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An intelligent document capture and management system

An intelligent document capture and management system

With Corium’s Librex, you’ll benefit from direct access to all your organization’s documents, enabling you to serve your customers more quickly and efficiently.

Whether you choose to use Librex as a stand-alone document storage and retrieval system, or as an automatic capture gateway to other content management or business management systems, the power of Librex will transform your document management. Don’t let your documents sit idle, unleash their potential with Librex.

Librex already offers specialized connectors for the most popular document management systems in Quebec, including QoreUltima, as well as specialized connectors for Factuo, MS SharePoint Online and your network directories. With its document scanning and optical character recognition (OCR) functionalities, Librex ensures advanced document management. Take advantage of Automatic Document Reading (ADR) to automate classification and data extraction, improving the efficiency of your processes. With inline scanning and OCR capability, Librex offers a complete solution for turning PDF into Word, enabling you to manipulate and edit your documents more easily. Librex, synonymous with cutting-edge technology, is the ideal tool for unlocking the potential of your documents.



Whether you intend to scan paper documents or capture electronic files for integration into your content management system, Librex offers you a unified capture method. This means you can apply consistent business logic to all your documents, whatever their source.

Librex also gives your documents a legal value. Every operation is recorded and documented, enabling you to trace the complete history of a document. What’s more, you can generate operation reports within the system, enabling you, for example, to track the number of documents scanned by a specific user over a given period. Librex’s advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology ensures high accuracy when converting physical documents into editable text. These Automatic Document Reading (ADR), scanning and online scanning functions reinforce Librex’s versatility in document management. What’s more, the use of OMR technology optimizes data capture from structured documents. By integrating Librex into your workflow, you benefit from a complete solution, from document scanning to PDF-to-Word conversion, fully exploiting the advantages of modern technology.

Librex supports all major scanner manufacturers via the TWAIN interface. Librex also offers scanning (dematerialization) options such as blank page detection and removal, border removal and masking, and automatic realignment.
Automated invoice and accounts payable management
Configuring your invoices for integration into your business processes includes automatic capture of essential information. Librex offers a complete Document Scanning and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solution for supplier invoice recognition. Thanks to Librex's advanced technology, automatic recognition of metadata such as invoice date, invoice number, currency, total amount, tax amounts, supplier name, item table, unit price, handling and transport costs is performed efficiently. Librex is also configured for connectivity with online services such as the Hydro-Québec customer account. Extracted information can be automatically saved in accounting systems such as Factuo and Acomba, as well as in your document management system such as QoreUltima. Automatic backup capability even extends to network directories for optimal data management. The Librex system also facilitates the integration of an invoice payment approval process. By associating the purchase order with the receipt of the invoice, Librex ensures confirmation of conformity between the invoice presented and the authorized purchase order. The versatility of Librex, with its Automatic Document Reading (ADR) functions, optimizes processes linked to invoice management, offering a complete solution for transforming PDFs into Word and facilitating document processing.
Automated exam marking
Corium's Librex offers a complete solution for document management and automated exam marking. With advanced features such as automatic capture, document scanning, optical character recognition (OCR) and automatic document reading (ADR), Librex simplifies exam correction by analyzing answers, pencil color and generating summary files. The integration of OMR technology enables multi-page and multi-answer management. Librex also offers a customizable configuration for extracting and analyzing results, while allowing the addition of manual notes and the automated compilation of these notes on essay questions. By taking full advantage of Librex's intelligence, you can maximize exam marking efficiency and optimize the use of human resources. Librex's versatility goes beyond exam marking, offering features to transform PDFs into Word and facilitate global document management.
Automated reception and analysis of admission applications
Corium's Librex revolutionizes application management by simplifying the screening process with its advanced functionalities. The platform integrates automatic capture, document scanning and optical character recognition (OCR) to analyze various documents, such as transcripts, birth certificates, curriculum vitae and more. It also validates the conformity of these documents before transmitting them to the COBA or CLARA systems. Librex goes one step further, offering Automated Document Reading (ADR) and OMR technology for the recognition of international university admission documents, including passport formats and university letters. The addition of an automated process, including validation of document conformity, considerably simplifies application management and optimizes the document management system. Librex thus offers an advanced technological solution for secure and efficient automation of admissions processes.
Capture emails automatically by redirecting an email box to Librex for automatic processing, or capture emails manually using our Office 365 add-ons. Librex can capture the email, process text content or attachments separately.
Virtual printers
Print to Librex from any application that can print (manually or automatically). Your documents will be converted to PDF format for processing by Librex. Depending on the virtual printer selected, documents can be processed manually by a user or recognized and processed automatically by Librex. A virtual printer is also available for the AS/400 to handle all SCS format printing.
Manual file import
Import any electronic document from Librex's manual import window. You'll then be able to index them manually or using automated workflows.
Automatic import folders
Drop (manually or by system) any document into a network folder defined as an import directory by Librex and the document will be automatically added to Librex.
Web services
The Librex Web Services API allows you to connect your system directly to Librex to set up full integration of your documents and their metadata. You can read documents from Librex, or add documents to Librex.
Automatic Document Extraction and Reading (ADR)
Automated capture process, OCR and OMR extraction, barcode reading, and combination of automation with advanced Java Scripts.


Librex’s capture capabilities can be used as a gateway to various other document management systems such as QoreUltima and content management systems, or simply to connect to a network directory or billing systems such as Factuo.  Librex offers several connectors that add a robust and complete capture tool to your system.

If you already use content management or enterprise software that lacks a good dematerialization and unified capture tool, you can use Librex as a capture gateway to your system.

If one of our current connectors doesn’t meet all your needs, we can quickly create one that will fit your solution perfectly. Thanks to our infrastructure of synchronization controllers, we can easily connect to your web services, APIs or any other technique used to import documents into your system. We invite you to contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Librex already offers specialized connectors for the most popular document management systems in Quebec, including QoreUltima, as well as specialized connectors for Factuo, MS SharePoint Online and your network directories. Librex’s technology extends beyond simple document capture, offering a complete OCR and ADR solution for advanced document management.



Librex lets you classify, search, consult and share all your organization’s documents.

Electronic documents
Quickly track down your documents, access them instantly and from any system via web service.
Efficient management
You can import your documents by e-mail, printer or export, then create automated processes on these documents. You can also annotate, sign and stamp your documents.
MS Office documents and e-mails
Librex allows you to capture your MS Office documents including Outlook emails with a simple click of the mouse. Librex adds a module to MS Office software that lets you easily capture various MS Office 365 documents.
Secure access to your documents and control access through a permissions scheme.
Multilingual system
Manage all document formats in English, French and Spanish.


Corium was founded in 1986, originally named Hexatek, then renamed Corium in 2011.  Our head office is located in Laval and we cover the whole of the Montreal region, Quebec and Canada.  Corium is the publisher of Librex, a solution offering capture options (scanning, text recognition (OCR) on images, receiving and capturing documents via e-mail, automating filing in document management systems such as QoreUltima or Windows directories. With Librex, you can automate the reception and filing of invoices, purchase orders, or any other type of semi- and unstructured document.

Coginov has been managing Corium’s operations since January 15, 2024. For more information, click here:

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