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Know your information assets in full with QoreAudit

Take full control of your information assets with the QoreAudit solution!

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Get a 360-degree view of your digital assets.
QoreAudit is a powerful tool that provides your organization with a complete view of your information inventories. You will now be able to effectively manage the information you create, acquire and distribute at any time. QoreAudit conducts a thorough inventory of all your information and data, including, but not limited to, documents, emails, web content, etc. QoreAudit then provides the most relevant information you need to make informed decisions in your organization

How does QoreAudit improve information management? Through a proven step-by-step approach:

QoreAudit accurately identifies high-risk or high-value information in your documents regardless of the physical location of your information assets (workstations, servers, etc.)
QoreAudit analyzes, contextualizes, classifies and categorizes information to create a complete picture of your information inventory.
QoreAudit provides a dynamic dashboard that identifies duplicate documents and files (approx. 14% on average). It enables search optimization, classification and archiving. It also provides the security and governance status of your information assets.




Centralized dashboard provides a 360-degree view
With QoreAudit, you save valuable time by getting a complete picture of all your company's high-value information. Our dynamic dashboard provides diagnostics and recommendations so you can better manage your information assets. Our Dashboard shows top-level information, from which the administrator can drill-down for specifics.
Security and compliance best practices.
QoreAudit analyzes, contextualizes, classifies and categorizes information to create a complete picture of your information inventory.
Multi-language and multi-platform support
QoreAudit's multilingual solution allows users to find quick and complete answers to inquiries, and to manage their information assets in the language of their choice. QoreAudit is independent of the Qore Coginov Platform and can be implemented as a stand-alone solution on any platform.
High quality information governance
QoreAudit eliminates human error. You never have to worry about legal compliance. QoreAudit provides operational transparency and reduces the expense of legal discovery.
Full control over your information assets
With QoreAudit, you get a complete and in-depth analysis of your organization's content, giving you an enhanced view of the evolution of your information assets.

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