Coginov applies Semantic Technology and Artificial Intelligence to transform your unstructured data to deliver outstanding business outcomes

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Maximize the use of your data with artificial intelligence

Coginov uses semantic technology and artificial intelligence to transform your unstructured data into business intelligence.


Take control of your information assets with the QoreAudit solution!
QoreAudit is a powerful tool that provides your organization with a complete view of your information inventories. You will now be able to effectively manage the information you create, acquire and distribute at any time.


QoreUltima addresses complex processes with ease of use. The functionality uses artificial intelligence and semantic technologies. As an intelligent EDRMS for electronic document records management, QoreUltima addresses complex processes with ease of use.


QoreMail is an innovative intelligent automation solution that allows you to use multiple existing communication channels (or create new ones from scratch) to automate low added value business processes which require no human intervention, thus allowing your human capital to allocate more time and effort to valuable tasks.

The Qore Platform's integrated solution for electronic documents, information, and data management includes QoreAudit, QoreUltima, and QoreMail.

Over the years, Coginov has done a lot in the field of semantic technology and integrated business solutions, to provide its customers with an overview of all their information assets.

Coginov’s Qore product suite is the result of more than 20 years of development and innovation. Its integrated solutions are powered by cutting-edge methodologies and technologies in semantics, machine learning (ML), and natural language recognition (NLP). These specialties have enabled us to create extremely advanced products for management, disposal, destruction, retention or archiving, as well as document management, compliance, communications monitoring, and personal data management. This amalgam of innovative solutions integrated under Coginov’s Qore platform will meet the highest and unique expectations of any organization, regardless of its size.

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Detect key linguistic concepts, to generate automatic response functionalities in communications and documents, or automate processes to identify personal and sensitive information in document inventories, ensuring that standards, norms, and protocols are respected for access, storage and appropriate distribution – Coginov’s Qore platform offers a complete and exceptional selection of products.


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360-degree view of the data in your information assets: get full control of your information with QoreAudit
An intelligent tool which optimizes your complex business processes. QoreMail automates repetitive and low value tasks, enabling optimization of your human capital.
Manage the lifecycle of any type of content from start to finish, from creation to destruction or retention, ensuring your organization's compliance with the applicable legal framework.

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With the focussed use of artificial intelligence technologies, Coginov's QoreMail solution has enabled more than 92% automation in the processing of our customers' requests for quotes. Customers can get their quotes with the right part numbers, prices and all the associated customization in a matter of minutes and in an automated way that previously took 24 to 48 hours through a manual process. Coginov provides innovative and high-performance technologies.

Alice Connan / Siemens | Director of Field Sales Office
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