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A smart communication management automation tool!

Take your organization to the next level with QoreMail: an intelligent automation system. Optimize your human capital, time, and effort.

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Value Human capital.

QoreMail is an innovative intelligent automation solution that allows you to use multiple existing communication channels (or create new ones from scratch) to automate low added value business processes which require no human intervention, thus allowing your human capital to allocate more time and effort to valuable tasks.

QoreMail analyzes structured and unstructured data and transforms it into highly contextualized and meaningful information assets with unmatched accuracy and speed. You will dramatically increase the productivity of your critical activities while reducing your operating costs (ROI in less than a year).

Why is QoreMail the best tool to optimize your business processes? Thanks to the textual analysis of your communications!

Discover what sets us apart! QoreMail ™ analyzes incoming communications and automatically detects relevant and critical information for your organization, such as: an account number, project number or name, file number, product number, invoice number, orders, dates, names of people, department, etc. QoreMail then uses this enriched and sorted information to simplify processes that are essential to your organization’s productivity. Especially for repetitive and complex tasks. It minimizes (or even eliminates) human intervention, therefore, reduces the risk of major errors. Your human capital can then be directed to higher value tasks. Let QoreMail automate tedious and time-consuming tasks. With the automatic and intelligent notification feature, QoreMail can handle extremely high volumes of transactions. For example, your organization can:
  • Independently produce an accurate submission request and provide a personalized response to the sender
  • Independently file important documents, such as emails related to a specific file, in a document vault, such as QoreUltima
  • Automatically direct emails with attachments to approval processes
  • Generate reliable and personalized automated responses.
These are just a few examples of complex, low-value processes that could be fully automated. Tell us about your ideas!




Boost your productivity
QoreMail with a contextualized system helps you manage your communications efficiently and automates workflows to generate instant responses such as automated response emails, producing quotes for your customers or filing these documents. QoreMail can automatically analyze and process 10,000 emails per hour, categorizing those that are highly recommended for auto response, while adding them to an email queue for approval of an order, an invoice, a document to be archived, destroyed and more.
With our simple system based on dynamic and intelligent rules, you can easily configure QoreMail to detect relevant information and trigger actions. As the demand for automation increases in manufacturing and production processes, QoreMail is a unique solution to automate low value administrative tasks. For example, the management of supplier invoices, preparation of customer account openings, validation of inventory availability, and preparation of quotes are some of the tasks that should no longer require the attention of a person, and our technology allows you to resolve this.
Use in your processes
-Automated processing of information requests, quotes, purchase orders and invoices.

-Automated reconciliation and data enrichment integrated into systems (e.g. CRM, ERP, etc.).

-Automatic archiving and classification of documents (and communications) in an EDRMS (DMS) system (QoreUltima).

-Workflows triggered as soon as information is received and validated.

-Auto-completion of information fields and forms.

-Automated routing of emails or sms to the right person or department based on intelligent business rules.

-Automatic update of information in third-party systems without human intervention.

-Validation of external data sources and creation of automatic responses based on a set of intelligent rules tailored to your practices and industry.
Maximize your ROI
With QoreMail, (based on client experience) on average, you save up to 30-times more in time, effort, and resources.
High processing capacity
QoreMail processes commands at a rate of about 1000 requests per second (~ 3 million+ / hour).

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