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Museum collection management

What are the main functionalities of a museum collections management system?

By Chantal Lavoie, General Manager, Coginov

A museum collections management system, such as QoreUltima, offers a range of features designed to facilitate the management, organization and tracking of collections in a museum. Key features include:

  1. Inventory management: Allows you to record and track each object in the collection, with detailed information such as inventory number, description, provenance, state of preservation, etc. 
  2. Object cataloguing: Facilitates the creation of detailed information sheets for each object, including textual data, images, videos, links to digital documents, etc.
  3. Classification and taxonomy: Allows objects to be classified according to defined criteria, such as object type, historical period, artistic style, categories and sub-categories, etc., thus facilitating research and organization.
  4. Object movement tracking: Records movements, loans, returns, transfers and changes of location of objects within the museum.
  5. Exhibition management with QoreUltima’s basket function and Loan module: Helps plan, organize and track objects included in temporary exhibitions, with features such as assigning objects to specific exhibitions.
  6. Loan management: Tracks objects on loan to other institutions, with information on loan duration, conditions, etc.
  7. Reports and analysis: QoreUltima provides tools for generating customized reports on various aspects of the collection, such as inventory, provenance, financial value, etc.
  8. Condition monitoring: Allows you to document the physical condition of objects, restoration work required, conservation needs, etc.
  9. Rights management: QoreUltima makes it easy to track copyright and reproduction rights relating to objects in the collection.
  10. Integration with other systems: QoreUltima can be integrated with other museum software, such as ticketing systems, membership management tools and external databases.
  11. Online accessibility: QoreUltima and its REST API offer the possibility of making certain collection information accessible online, enabling the public to virtually discover the museum’s objects.
  12. Security and backup: QoreUltima ensures data security and offers regular backup functions to prevent the loss of crucial information.

    These features are crucial in helping museum institutions to organize their collections efficiently, make them accessible and ensure their long-term preservation. Enable your organization to add any relevant document to your management and extend your inventory documentation to your permanent and current archives by using QoreUltima in your cultural heritage management.

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