Ultima is an Artificial Intelligent (AI) driven Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) that simplifies your complex deliverables using native semantic technology.

What does Ultima’s intelligent EDRMS offer you?

As an Intelligent Electronic Document Records Management System EDRMS, Ultima meets complex deliverables with simplicity of use. Ultima’s AI functions using proprietary native semantic technology that is intuitive to use. Its Intelligent Information Management (IIM) system recognizes context and concepts from all the content and metadata derived from both structured and unstructured data.

Key Features

Optimize your information management needs

We offer management of 50+ diverse and versatile inventory models empowering you to customize your records to your specific needs and industry.

Takes care of your entire Records Management (RM) Life Cycle from start to finish

Advanced RM life cycle model which oversees the entire life span of your records, from: creation, classification, maintenance, retention, storage to its final disposition while complying with records and information laws and regulations.

Quickly and easily find documents and information in your system

Robust semantic search capabilities (thesaurus, semantic faceted research and data mining) that gives you quicks access to the information you need. 


REST-based API for application and various customer system interoperability, M365 Integration, document reception, processing and storing, document and data dissemination, etc.


Ultima is flexible in its industry-sector application. It is currently being used by schoolboards, municipalities, police forces as well as museums or collection management institutions and commerce.

All-In-One Solution

Consolidates your paper and digital documents into one simple high-performance system. It includes a collaborative component for electronic documents as well as a complete system for the physical management of warehouses, spaces, location and loan.

Why should you choose Ultima 
as your go-to solution for your DM needs?


With a sleek, streamlined modular design we make navigation easy for you, so you have instantaneous access to features. You will be able to quickly access your project flows with a minimal number of clicks.

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User-Friendly​ | Ultima | Coginov
Continuously Evolving platform

Six generations of software developed over a period of 25+ years has led to Ultima – the most comprehensive software with a full set of smart features you need to manage your information effectively and efficiently.


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Continuously Evolving platform​ | Ultima | Coginov
Secure platform

A highly secured environment for your documents and information. Ultima meets your security needs!

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Secure Platform | Ultima | Coginov
Leader in Best Practices in
Intelligent Information Management (IIM)

With Ultima’s built-in best practices, you will be ahead of the curve in tackling compliance issues for Records Management (RM) and IIM.

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Leader in Best Practices in Intelligent Information Management (IIM)​ | Ultima | Coginov
Boost Office Productivity

Saves costs (desktop and warehouse space) and processing time (document identification) with reduced human, financial and material resources.

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Protect Sensitive Data​
Efficient Lifecycle Management

Establishes a robust records disposition schedule to maintain reliable records.

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Efficient Lifecycle Management | Ultima | Coginov
Access Knowledge from Any Device

Get instantaneous access to your information when you need it – anytime and anywhere.

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Access Knowledge from Any Device​ | Ultima | Coginov
Improve Decision Making

Using semantic technology unlock actionable insights to help you make informed decisions on identifying new business opportunities and spotting inefficient business processes.

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Improve Decision Making​ | Ultima | Coginov
Ensure Legal Compliance

Manage and administer the destruction and retention of your documents and information according to your legal, financial, and operational obligations.

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Ensure Legal Compliance​ | Ultima | Coginov
Protect Sensitive Data

Ensure personal and sensitive information is safe and secure with control of access granted to relevant users.

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Protect Sensitive Data​

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