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Semantic API

Actionable Natural Language Processing (NLP) Insights at your Fingertips!

Build understanding and capacity with data-driven insights!

Semantic API empowers you to quickly and seamlessly leverage your information value chain, transforming unstructured content into highly contextualized, accessible and valuable information.

Semantic API has you covered!

It’s mandatory for a large number of organizations to InvestigateExtractOrganize, Analyze and Summarize data as key activities and core processes of their business operations.

“80% of data produced in organizations today are unstructured, meaning it has no pre-defined format or organization” -IDC Group

Unstructured data makes the information a nightmare to Collect, Process and Analyze.  With the overwhelming amount of unstructured data, it’s challenging for businesses to extract and provide meaningful and contextualized information that will provide them with value added business intelligence. Our powerful API will do the data processing for your organization.

How does Semantic API help your organization
to uncover actionable insights?

Semantic API applies cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP), Heuristics and Part-of-Speech analysis to help organizations address their Business Intelligence needs by transforming unstructured data into meaningful and actionable insights.  This responsive and intelligent technology can scale across an organization supporting businesses to enhance operational efficiencies and deliver a quick ROI:

  • Searches efficiently across all folders and inside all documents.
  • You can search using topics not just specific file names.
  • Enables you to search content with contextualization, for example, you can find items using any topics found in the document instead of being limited by having to input the exact name or title of the document. 

With Semantic API, your organization gets flexibility in asset management, ease of use, legal compliance and transparency to give your company the competitive advantage it needs to succeed!  Highlighted below are few of Semantic API’s main functions:

Save enormous time and avoid oversight when using Semantic API’s Automatic Information Extraction (IE) and Classification Tool.  Semantic API meaningfully extrapolates key concepts and entities, such as:  people, places, organizations, and numerical expressions like, dates, times, currency amounts, phone numbers, patterns and more so that users can quickly make use of the information. 

Semantic API determines the meaning and context of your information. 

Since we use language in our everyday lives to communicate ideas and their meaning we take for granted its complexity. 

Semantics is the study of “meaning” in language.  As the name indicates, with Semantic API, Coginov uses state-of-the art Natural Language Processing (NLP ) to empower our software to read your documents and to interpret the meaning of: 

  • Individual words
  • Synonyms
  • Groups of words
  • Sentences and phrases

And their relationships and correlations to one another while accounting for nuances and subtleties in shades of meaning to give you an accurate and precise analysis of your information.

Generates effective Summaries that are concise and in a readable form saving your organization’s administrator(s) valuable time.

In today’s corporate world, organizations produce and exchange information at a volume and speed that’s mind-boggling. Administrators deal on a daily basis with: reports, proposals, policy documents, meeting notes, briefing notes that collectively can easily amount to hundreds of pages. The only way busy administrators can handle this enormous volume of information is to rely on effective summaries that precisely present the most critical information. Semantic API’s summary generator tells readers enough about a topic that they can decide whether they need to read further.

Get insight into what your customers are saying about your brand and their perceptions of your communications.

Effective Tool for Analyzing Sentiments!  Semantic API deciphers the tone (positive, negative, neutral) and feelings (anger, joy, disgust, disappointment, surprise, happiness, etc.) represented in your documents – emails, SM tweets, blogs, customer communications, etc.

Your organization can apply the results of the Analysis to many situations, including to improve the perception and effectiveness of your communications or to understand your customers experience and opinions about your organization and brand, and more.

High processing capacity (millions of documents and terabits of data) that will save your employees valuable time.

To illustrate how proficient Semantic API is:  It can comprehensively and efficiently go through 1Million documents and on average search, retrieve and manage 250 million semantic concepts. 

Our solution is offered in:  English, French and Spanish.  To cover other languages, we use external translation APIs already natively integrated making it simple and easy to use in your language of choice.

To get a full-list of our features, get in touch with us. We can schedule a demo so you can experience Semantic API for yourself!

Let us analyze your business needs to establish a feature set that works for you.

Key Benefits of Semantic API

Improves Information Accuracy

An enormous amount of time and effort is invested in inputting data into various databases and systems. Semantic API automatically extracts and synthesizes the most relevant information for your business saving you precious time and cutting down on human error.

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Improves Information Accuracy​ | Semantic API | Coginov
Unlocks Business Insights

With Semantic API, your business workflows will be automated and you will have access to valuable actionable insights that can aid your organization to increase operational efficiency, save costs and impact your bottom line.

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Unlocks Business Insights​ | Semantic API | Coginov
Integrity of Information Security

You needn’t worry about anyone accessing your confidential information. Your information is secure with Semantic API as it’s completely stateless, meaning it doesn’t keep copies or remember any of the analyzed information.

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Integrity of Information Security​ | Semantic API | Coginov
Excellent integration capabilities

Considering that our semantic data processing runs on the back-end., it seamlessly merges into any web service or third party systems of your organization.

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Excellent integration capabilities​ | Semantic API | Coginov
Personalize your results

Thanks to Semantic API’s advanced AI engine, you can adapt and personalize the results to suit your particular business.

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Personalize your results​ | Semantic API | Coginov

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Let us analyze your business needs to establish a feature set that works for you.