Take your Customer Care to the next level with In-Mail’s Intelligent Management System!

What does InMail offer you?

InMail™ is an innovative communication management solution that intelligently combines all the relevant information from all your communication tools including emails, SMS, audio “Speech to text”, etc. and enhances the information value chain to automate your business processes.

InMail analyzes structured and unstructured data and transforms it into highly contextualized, meaningful information, with unparalleled precision and speed, resulting in purposeful customer engagement. You will significantly increase the productivity of your mission critical activities while reducing your operating costs (ROI in less than 1 year).

Why is In-Mail the Best Tool for Managing Your Customer Relations?

InMail™ analyzes incoming communications to automatically detect signals such as, account number, project name, file number, product number, date, people, organization, etc. InMail then uses this enhanced information to automate and simplify key processes in customer engagement that involve low value and repetitive tasks. It helps reduce human interventions and thereby reducing significant risk of errors.

With InMail’s intelligent auto response feature supporting high transaction volume, your costumer will receive a personalized response that aligns with their own profile (level of discount, shipping fees, etc.)

Key Features

InMail’s proprietary signal detection technology automates tasks like:
  • Adding to customer service e-mail queue
  • Validating and adding to repositories (data enrichment and marking)
  • Automating “Workflow” actions based on the achievement of thresholds or criteria grids.

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InMail’s proprietary signal detection technology automates tasks | InMail | Coginov
InMail is seamlessly integrated with other Coginov technologies such as:
  • Semantic Engine: which analyzes, categorizes and enriches unstructured and structured data.
  • GDPR functionality. In its internal processing, InMail ensures the tracking of information by facilitating the retrieval of information in a context of the “right to be forgotten”.

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InMail is seamlessly integrated with other Coginov technologies | InMail | Coginov
Flexibility in configuration:
  • 100% configurable business rules.
  • Industry specific rule sets pre-configured.
  • Use of business ontological dictionaries.

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Flexibility in configuration | InMaill | Coginov
High processing capacity

InMail processes requests at the rate of approximately 1000 requests per second (~3+ million/hour).

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High processing capacity​ | InMail | Coginov

Other Key Benefits

Increase productivity

In-Mail with a context-aware SE and IIM System helps you effectively manage your customer service Help Desk and automates workflows to generate instantaneous Quotation Requests from customers.

Measurable ROI

With In-Mail on average, you save 30 times more time and resources.


With our simple rule-based system, you can easily configure In-Mail to detect specific signals to trigger actions. For instance, one trigger could be:  adding action items to an email queue for customer service to respond to.

High Performance

In-Mail can automatically parse and go through 10,000 emails per hour, determining which ones to respond to automatically; send to customer service queue; to archive, dispose, and more.

InMail use cases in business environments

Automated processing of requests for information, quotes, POs and invoices.

Automated reconciliation and data enrichment with third party systems (ex: CRM, ERP, etc.).

Automatic filing and classification of documents (and communications) in a DMS system (Ultima).

Triggering “workflow” upon receipt of information.

Autocompletion of information fields and forms.

Automated routing of customer requests (Email, SMS, Audio) to the right person or department based on advanced business rules.

Automatic update of a client file “without human intervention”.

Validation of external data sources and automatically suggesting replacement parts according to an advanced set of rules.

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