Get a 360 degree view of your information assets.

Gain full control of your information assets with Info-Audit!

Info-Audit is a powerful tool that provides your organization with a comprehensive view of your information assets. You will now be able to manage efficiently the information you create, acquire and distribute at any time.

Info-Audit performs an in-depth inventory of all your information assets including but not limited to documents, emails, web content, etc. Info-Audit then determines the most relevant information you need to make informed decisions across your organization.

How does Info-Audit improve information management? It starts with these steps:

Accurately identifies valuable information from your documents regardless of the location of your information assets (workstations, servers, etc.)

Analyzes, Contextualizes, Files and Categorizes the information to create a complete portrait of the body of information. 

A dynamic dashboard that allows elimination of duplicate content search optimization, filing and archiving.  It also provides status of security and governance for your information assets.

Key Features

Automates Information Management

Finds and structures data to ensure the effective use of information. It automatically categorizes and files information assets.

Centralized Dashboard

Provides diagnostics, including identifying documents with similar or duplicate content and provides recommendations for fixes.

Reduces Information Maintenance

Automatically generates metadata from document content and eliminates manual data entry.

Global Asset Inventory

Creates inventory of internal and external data.

High Performing

Manages several million documents in a matter of hours.

Risk Scoring & Analytics

Info-audit automatically reviews your data and identifies information that is most likely to expose sensitive information, so you can act to minimize risk.

Other Key Benefits

Centralized dashboard gives 360 degree view

With Info-Audit, you save precious time by getting a full picture of all your business’s valuable information. Our dynamic dashboard provides diagnostics and recommendations so that you can better manage your information assets.

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Centralized dashboard gives 360 degree view​ | Info-Audit | Coginov
Info-Audit combines with our GDPR-Audit module to enable best security and compliance practices for your organization.

To ensure that your business is in legal compliance and to avoid hefty fines we designed GDPR-Audit. This is a powerful tool that will help your business to Evaluate, Determine and Alert you to the status level of your data’s compliance. In addition, it offers actionable Recommendations to remediate any breaches or violations to empower you to quickly take the required actions to get compliance.

Info-Audit effectively manages your sensitive information! It saves you valuable time, effort and significantly mitigates your risks.

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Info-Audit combines with our GDPR-Audit module to enable best security and compliance practices for your organization.​ | Info-Audit | Coginov
Multi-Lingual and Multi-Platform Support

Info-Audit’s multilingual solution means your organization’s users can find answers to inquiries and manage your information assets in the language with which they are most comfortable.

Info-Audit is platform agnostic and can be implemented on any platform.

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Multi-Lingual and Multi-Platform Support​ | Info-Audit | Coginov
High quality information governance

You never have to worry about whether you’re legally compliant. Info-Audit helps by ensuring operational transparency and reduces expenses tied to legal discovery.

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High quality information governance​​ | Info-Audit | Coginov
Full Control over your information assets

With Info-Audit you get a comprehensive and extensive analysis of your organizations content giving you a nuanced look at the evolution of your information assets.

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Full Control over your information assets​ | Info-Audit | Coginov

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