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What is Assistant? 


Assistant serves as a centralized knowledge base and provides clear answers to client inquiries. Using semantic technology, the tool analyzes questions asked in natural language (online or in an application) and generates a standardized response while eliminating irrelevant responses (noise). This way, users gain faster, easier access to the right information on the first try.


Assistant standardizes all of your communications to ensure a value-added customer experience

  • 92%
    accurate response rate
  • 20%
    fewer calls
  • 3


    return on investment


  • Knowledge base management
  • Virtual assistant for websites (Q&A and chat)
  • A tool for customer service and technical support teams (Q&A and chat)
  • Communications governance and compliance
  • Dashboard and reports
  • Multi-lingual support (English, French and Spanish)

Did you know? 


Customer service is constantly evolving. Technological advances are occurring at a staggering pace, creating new challenges with regard to performance management and information quality.

Studies conducted among customer service teams have shown that 82% of clients prefer companies that offer multiple service channels, including telephone (61%), email (60%), live chat (57%), online knowledge bases (51%), and automatic support service (click-to-call service) (34%). We know that 42% of customer service managers are unable to effectively resolve client issues, and that half of clients are willing to pay more for a better service experience.



Assistant automatically analyzes client inquiries, finds the appropriate response and ensures standardization to optimize client interactions. With the customizable knowledge base, you can share the regularly updated bank of Q&A with your call centre, ensuring accurate and consistent responses across all communication channels.


  • Improve performance and quality
  • Standardize communications
  • Reduce customer service management costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction and enhance your corporate image


Assistant provides key support to your customer service or tech support teams, or virtual help to clients on your website through an integrated toolset, which automatically standardizes all communications to accurately respond to client inquiries.

It can also be configured as a direct sales and marketing representative who helps introduce new products, facilitates purchases and encourages cross-selling. With the reports and statistics module, you will be able to identify and respond to client inquiries, creating a better customer experience and improved client loyalty. Our goal is to help you automate your customer service.


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