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– Coginov, a leader in the field of information technology and semantic products, is pleased to announce the signing of a global agreement that aims to integrate the API SÉMANTIQUE™, MAIL2SHARE™ and ATTRIBUTE™ solutions, adapted to Richemont’s Microsoft Sharepoint environment.

This state-of-the-art solution will allow the legal and intellectual property department at Geneva head office and at the London, New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Luxembourg sites to benefit from a CDM solution that is fully integrated in Outlook with a user-friendly interface requiring little or no training. This solution will naturally be accessible from both desktop computers and mobile devices. The platform will be used to integrate advanced functions of semantic analysis and research, thus responding to the business needs specified by Richemont.

The overall solution will be based on Microsoft Sharepoint™ and will showcase Coginov’s MAIL2SHARE™ and ATTRIBUTE™ products. MAIL2SHARE™ will facilitate the storage of emails and documents of the legal and industrial property department on the SharePoint platform. Richemont’s staff will be able to drag and drop and share communications (both emails and documents) easily in Sharepoint directly from Outlook. ATTRIBUTE adds to this function by generating metadata associated with emails that are stored by Mail2Share and automatically added to the predefined columns of the target libraries in Sharepoint.

The solution will also benefit from the integration of Coginov’s semantic engine in SharePoint, which will allow automatic metadata extraction from documents (contents and containers) and thus provide faceted search concepts allowing users to immediately find the information they’re looking for. Advanced dashboard functionalities in Sharepoint will offer many additional advantages.

According to Marc-André Roy, Vice-President, Sales and Marketing at Coginov: “The high demand for integration of Mail2Share, Attribute and Semantic API products within Sharepoint adds a new dimension to global information management in organizations, as companies face more and more issues relating to big data and unstructured data.” Marc-André Roy concludes: “With hundreds of thousands or even millions of documents and terabytes of data, the only way to use information assets efficiently is with the help of evolved semantic solutions. This is where Coginov capitalizes on its expertise and forward-looking technology, to its clients’ benefit.”

About Richemont

As one of the leading global luxury goods companies, the Richemont Group comprises 20 Maisons, (Cartier, Piaget, Montblanc, IWC, Lancel, Jaeger Lecoultre and others). Each Maison functions as an international business with a small family feel, and is led by an entrepreneurial spirit and respect for tradition. We apply our métiers d’art and craftsmanship to watch-making, jewellery, writing instruments and high-end fashion and accessories. The Group draws strength from a rich diversity and unique aesthetic sensibility, all coupled to the latest in sustainable and ethical luxury. The Group has a turnover in excess of EUR 10 billion and has more than 30,000 employees.

About Coginov

Founded in 2002, Coginov is a worldwide provider of semantic technology solutions designed to capture, analyze, engage, automate and manage information assets. With offices in Canada, the United States and France, its clients include worldwide leaders such as Bombardier, Lockheed Martin, BNP Paribas, Cirque du Soleil, Deloitte and Desjardins. Coginov delivers specialized software solutions through its expertise in semantic recognition, enterprise content management, search optimization and predictive business intelligence.