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 Coginov, a leader in the field of information technology and semantic products, is proud to announce that Établissement français du sang (France) has signed a license acquisition contract for Mail2Share (version 6).

Mail2Share is an add-in that allows organizations to directly access SharePoint from Outlook to integrate emails as part of an effective document management strategy. Its native integration with Outlook means it can be implemented quickly and easily, cutting change management costs which are often high when undertaking document management projects in SharePoint. It simplifies the roll-out of SharePoint within an organization and allows users to work in the Outlook environment, which they already know well. Mail2Share’s Version 6.0 is now compatible with Outlook 2016 as well as previous versions (Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013).

Key features of the Mail2Share application include:

  • “Drag and drop” function for transferring data to SharePoint
  • Automatic association of metadata
  • Three different modes for consulting emails and documents: 
  • Outlook mode, offering a very similar user experience to Outlook
  • Grid mode, which has more advanced search options
  • SharePoint mode, providing access to features that are specific to your organization
  • The SharePoint search function available directly from Outlook
  • Easy sharing of documents/emails as links or attachments
  • A central administration tool
  • An API available for integration with other applications

L’Établissement français du sang (France)

L'Établissement français du sang is a public administrative organization responsible for collecting, preparing, qualifying and distributing blood products (blood, plasma, platelets) in France for transfusion. Its headquarters are in La Plaine Saint-Denis and the EFS employs a total of nearly 10,000 employees.

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