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 Coginov, a leader in information technology (IT) and semantic products, is pleased to announce  that its private partnership pre-competitive research project with the Negotium Technologies and Technology Evaluation Centers was accepted by the Quebec Government.

The purpose of this pre-competitive research is to build automatic learning mechanisms of the knowledge by ensuring informational and cognitive enhancement of structured and unstructured environments (Research project name: VIC). 

The VIC project aims to synergistically  increase the scientific and technological knowledge of the three partners of the project in order to take advantage of the informational flow of big data, which is characterized by more frequent, voluminous and heterogeneous data and thus, much harder to process with standard technologies. 

According to Jeannot Chapdelaine, Coginov’s CEO: ʺThe support of the Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation is instrumental to the success of this research project.  For Coginov, the purpose of this research is to improve its linguistic engine with the new knowledge generated by specialized and academic research institutions; to maintain the precision level of the semantic engine by adding new languages other than English, Spanish and French; to improve and test the limits of its associative storage engine in an environment where there will be billions of data to process.ʺ        

Mr. Chapdelaine adds: ʺ The portion of the Government assistance devoted to Coginov represents investments of more than 6 million over a three-year period into tax credit which will apply to the hiring of research and development specialized resources in Quebec.  Mr. Chapdelaine concludes: ʺThis research will thus allow developing innovative solutions that could be deployed all over the world and that will help to create new quality jobs in high-tech in Quebec when solutions are marketed.ʺ                

For members of the consortium, this fast transition to a customer-centric universe presents a really disruptive potential on the environment of the company, the way it operates and, particularly, the new role of computer science.       

This new emerging paradigm is at the heart of the consortium members’ concerns.  The technological objectives and the scope of the VIC project are numerous for each partner:  

The development of fundamental knowledge on analysis tools and dynamic big data fusion of all kinds, new data models to structure this flood of data and the complex relations between them, as well as techniques to optimize the use of internal and external computing resources (cloud computing infrastructure)

The development of a structured automatic learning process or ʺmachine learningʺ to extract knowledge and develop forecasting models.

The development of hybrid technologies and methodologies that will allow to maximize the impact of the convergence of emerging forces as:

  • Mobility
  • Cloud computing
  • Social networks
  • Big data & Intelligence of data on business industries and customers served. 

This project offers the 3 partners a really structuring dimension and a unique opportunity to build strong, beneficial and long-lasting alliances, not only in terms of science and technology, but also in the synergy between companies and on at the human level between employees.  The 3 partners expressed the hope that the Computer Research Institute of Montreal (CRIM) would participate to the project governance committee and share its technological and scientific expertise.   

About Coginov

Founded in 2002, Coginov is a leader in the field of semantical technologies aiming to capture, analyze, enter, automate and govern information assets.  With offices in Canada, the United States and France, the company counts some world leaders like Bombardier, Lockheed Martin, BNP Paribas, Cirque du Soleil, Richemont, OACI, Deloitte and Desjardins among its clients.  Coginov provides software solutions with expertise regarding semantical recognition, enterprise content management, research optimization and business predictive intelligence.  

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