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Coginov, a leader in the field of Information Technology (IT) and semantic products, is pleased to announce the signing of a contract for the purchase of Mail2Share licenses (Version 6) with Johnson Matthey Davy technologies in UK.

Johnson Matthey Davy uses Mail2Share primarily to facilitate the storage of customer project emails within SharePoint. It allows them to easily drag and drop emails into SharePoint from Outlook, a feature available without Mail2share, but crucially Mail2share retains the metadata associated with emails and populates them into predefined columns within the associated SharePoint library. This is a key feature of the product for Johnson Matthey Davy.

Various users are connected to over 30 libraries at one time with the potential for over 10,000 emails in each, synchronizing all would lead to severe lag and periods of unproductivity. The primary aim of storing emails and associated metadata within SharePoint is more easily achieved with Mail2share (Version 6).

Johnson Matthey Davy supports several users throughout 8 main departments using M2S for advanced collaboration while some users are using M2S for simple correspondence management. From an IT point of view the main advantage is the reduction of data stored within users' Outlook profiles and locally on PC's. From a user point of view the ability to share correspondence amongst project team members is highly valued. Users can switch between projects as required and connect directly to the latest associated correspondence.

About Johnson Matthey Davy technologies

Johnson Matthey Davy Technologies Limited (JM Davy) is part of the Process Technologies Division of our parent company, Johnson Matthey Plc. A UK-based development and process engineering company, JM Davy commercializes by licensing its proprietary process technologies worldwide for the oil, gas and chemicals industries. The company has its head office in London, where it conducts process engineering, design and licensing. JM Davy also has a state-of-the-art Global R&D Centre located in the Tees Valley, UK. The company undertakes extensive development, demonstration and process engineering to support a portfolio of processes, technologies and catalysts.

About Coginov

Coginov is a worldwide solutions provider of Semantic Technologies that are geared to capture, analyze, engage, automate and govern information assets. Having locations in Canada, USA and France, Coginov customers include worldwide leaders such as Bombardier, Lockheed Martin, BNP Paribas, Cirque du Soleil, ICAO and Desjardins. Coginov provides software solutions with expertise in semantic recognition, enterprise content management, research optimization and predictive business intelligence.elopment, demonstration and process engineering to support a portfolio of processes, technologies and catalysts.