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Coginov, a leader in the field of Information Technology (IT) and semantic products, is pleased to announce the signing of a contract with Industrial Alliance Securities for the purchase and deployment of the INFO-AUDIT™ solution (Version 2.1.1).


Behaving as a centralized dashboard, Info-Audit provides a 360 degree view of your enterprise information assets (information streams, documents, practices, processes, etc.). In order to an organization to effectively and efficiently manage the information created, acquired and disseminated, it must first map the information landscape.

By adding deep analysis of current document content, Info-Audit provides better insights of the evolution of your information assets and corporate intelligence. The main objective is to assess your readiness, strategic planning, document management, knowledge management, governance and compliance.

According to Jeannot Chapdelaine, President of Coginov: "The deployment of the INFO-AUDIT solution within Industrial Alliance Securities offer 4 main benefits: builds upon and validates corporate intelligence; reduces Information Management costs; identify key elements for strategic planning and risk assessment and, finally, aligns strategies for document management, knowledge management, governance and compliance.”

Marc-André Roy, Partner and Vice-President Sales & Marketing of Coginov, continues: “This deployment fits perfectly into Coginov’s strategy to promote the marketing and deployment of its range of products specializing in semantics and this, with its national and international clients.  In the past years, Coginov has invested more than 5 million $ in R&D on its range of products and will continue to invest in order to provide innovative solutions to its customers in a constantly evolving global market,” he concludes.

About Industrial Alliance Securities Inc. (IAS) 

Industrial Alliance Securities Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. Its parent company is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol IAG and manages assets of over 102 billion dollars. The value of shares in circulation is over 4.5 billion dollars. Its growth and financial strength make it one of the largest public companies in Canada.


About Coginov

Coginov is a leading provider of semantic technologies aiming to optimize the performance and quality of information management. Founded in 2002, the company's uniqueness relies on many years of R&D in Semantic Associative Memory (SAM) to develop a revolutionary Rule-based Semantic Engine powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP), part-of-speech, and other proprietary heuristics which power Coginov’s product suites. From its headquarters in Canada, with offices in the USA and France, Coginov customers include some of the world’s leaders, such as Bombardier, Cirque du Soleil, ICAO, Desjardins, and many more.