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Coginov, a leader in the field of information technology (IT) and Semantic  products, is pleased to announce the signing of a contract with BJ MEDIA surrounding the deployment of the "Semantic API" solution and, more specifically, by deploying semantic robots enabling the collection and indexation of the information.

For several years now, BJ Media offers the online directory solution. This directory is a search interface that provides information about companies offering products and services to both businesses and individuals. Its original presentation allows it to stand out from other competing solutions.

According to Mr. Karim Benchekroun, President of BJ Media: "Our business model is to offer advanced directory-related services through advertising, among others. Our means are modern since they are primarily based on interfacing with social networks and affiliation as a member to benefit from the privileged services and share information such as business assessments. The unique products and expertise of Coginov Inc. have enhanced our offering almost instantly by improving the quality of the information and this, to the benefit of our customers."

Jeannot Chapdelaine, CEO of Coginov, adds: "Our objective, with this mandate, was to offer greater visibility to our client by improving the ranking of the website.

Thanks to our next-generation semantic technology, Coginov was thus able to act on three broad focuses, namely:

  • By offering the greatest possible semantic relevance to existing content
  • By providing precise and up-to-date answers to every query from a for every user member (or future member);
  • By using innovative database updating techniques across Canada."

The uniqueness of Coginov’s technology is reflected in its ability to translate the power of words into concepts (smart models). By processing the texts obtained from all digital sources available (documents, e-mails, databases, web pages, social media, etc.), the semantic engine retrieves relevant and meaningful information to create an associative contextualization.

Powered by Coginov’s Semantic Technology, our product suite acts as a business intelligence catalyst. "The committed companies" operate their unstructured content to identify, process, govern, and access  information; the result is improved decision-making , operational efficiency and competitiveness.

BJ Media provides SMEs with an optimum counselling service so that they may achieve their goals on the web. In business for over 20 years, BJ Media offers a method that combines experience and evolution ... a space where the expertise of the clients merges with ours. BJ Media contributes to the success of many small local businesses. It is on the web that their experts lead you to make informed decisions via a cutting-edge coaching and counselling approach. We are here to serve regional organizations across Canada.

About Coginov

Coginov is a leading provider of semantic technologies aiming to optimize the performance and quality of information management. Founded in 2002, the company's uniqueness relies on many years of R&D in Semantic Associative Memory (SAM) to develop a revolutionary Rule-based Semantic Engine powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP), part-of-speech, and other proprietary heuristics which power Coginov’s product suites. From its headquarters in Canada, with offices in the USA and France, Coginov customers include some of the world’s leaders, such as Bombardier, Cirque du Soleil, ICAO, Desjardins, and many more.