Manage your emails and documents in SharePoint from Outlook


What is Mail2Share? 


Mail2Share is an add-in solution that allows organizations to directly access SharePoint from Outlook to integrate email management as part of their document management strategy. Its native integration with Outlook allows for quick and easy implementation, limiting change management costs, which are often high when introducing new document management projects in SharePoint. It allows users to easily adopt SharePoint and collaborate in the familiar Outlook environment.


Designed for Outlook, Mail2Share enables companies to easily integrate email management and attachments into their information management strategy in SharePoint.

  • 40%
    fewer .pst files
  • 80%
    fewer duplicates
  • 50%
    decrease in search time


Integration complete in

  • Drag and drop feature to transfer files to SharePoint
  • Automatic association of metadata
  • Three different modes for viewing emails and documents:
    • Outlook mode offers a very similar user experience to Outlook
    • Grid mode features more advanced search options
    • SharePoint mode provides access to features specific to your organization
  • Access to the SharePoint search function directly from Outlook
  • Ability to easily share documents and emails as links or attachments
  • Central Administration Tool
  • Centralized deployment (on an international scale, for a department, group or individual)
  • Programming interface available to integrate with other applications
  • Offline mode enables access to documents when users are unable to connect to SharePoint

Did you know? 


Since email (and attachments) became a primary communication channel for businesses, this form of communication is now essential to collaboration and increased productivity. Centralizing information in SharePoint has also led to a reduction in the required size of .pst files by at least 40%.

Today, companies are having difficulty managing growing banks of unstructured and semi-structured data. In most companies, unstructured data accounts for 80% of all their corporate data, which doubles in size every 12 to 18 months. This data is composed of various types of distinct files, including emails, which account for over 50% of all data.



Mail2Share is easy to deploy and its navigation is very similar to Outlook, providing clients with a familiar user experience. They can intuitively navigate SharePoint, share documents, collaborate with others and manage communications, getting the most out of SharePoint. 

Mail2Share can be installed on every work station or centrally configured using group strategy devices, a System Center or your method of choice for deploying an .msi file. When using a central management tool, administrators can customize the user experience for each group. Different points of access to SharePoint from Mail2Share, as well as the application's various behavioural options can be customized for different user groups. 

Contact us for more information on Mail2Share's programming interface, which not only gives you the option of customizing the SharePoint integration to suit your needs, but also to connect to third-party systems, such as integrated management software packages, CRM tools and system experts, all from the Outlook interface.


  • Supports your document/information management strategy
  • Simplified collaboration
  • Smaller .pst file size
  • Fewer duplicate emails and attachments
  • Lowered risk of losing confidential information
  • Simplified searches, access and information management
  • Less need for training and change management
  • Optimization of investments in SharePoint


Many companies turn to Microsoft SharePoint for document management, business process management, communications and collaboration. User adoption of SharePoint, due the wealth of features and platform options, often becomes a major concern for companies.

Mail2Share provides a way to circumvent this problem by offering centralized access to information in SharePoint from Outlook. Users can therefore get the most out of this tool without needing to understand its full complexity. Mail2Share allows users to collaborate openly in SharePoint and access the company's information assets from Outlook's user-friendly interface.


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