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Coginov management is a team of business professionals from the Internet business, software development and IT management. Our management team possesses a breadth of functional experience in product development, marketing of emerging products and technologies, strategic partnering, professional services and corporate finance.

Our commitment is to place the best people in the optimum environment to enable them to produce creative and effective solutions. Our internal culture and work environment emphasize the importance of maintaining a close relationship with our clients.


Jeannot Chapdelaine

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jeannot Chapdeleine has been successfully leading Coginov since it was founded in 2002, leveraging over 30 years of experience in international software development and an extensive background in R&D and innovation. Previously, Mr. Chapdeleine was Chief Technology Officer at Atrion Technologies, where he delivered compliance solutions and regulatory content for over 50 countries and in 44 languages. Prior to that, as Director of Research & Development for Informission Inc., he was a driving force behind the company's extraordinary growth and helped mobilize its initial public offering in 1998. Mr. Chapdeleine holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Laval University.


Yves Salembier

Partner and Chief Strategy Officer

Yves Salembier joined Coginov in 2005 as Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). As CSO, one of his objectives is to integrate the company's technology within their strategic service offering for partners and clients. With over 25 years' experience in strategic planning, knowledge, project and change management, he has provided consulting services to teams and clients for projects on a national and international scale in Canada, the United States, Europe and North Africa. Before joining ranks with Coginov, Mr. Salembier was Chief Technology Officer for BiblioMondo, a company that specializes in high tech library management solutions with clients in Canada, the United States and Europe, and which was then acquired by Isacsoft in 2004. He also has experience working for smaller to medium size companies in key R&D and Operations roles, and has a degree in Information Management from HEC Montréal and a Bachelor's in Management Science from Bishop's University.


Marc-André Roy

Partner and Vice-President, Sales and Marketing

With over 20 years of experience in Sales and Marketing and International Business Development in the IT sector, Marc-André Roy's primary role at Coginov is to lead sales and marketing activities in line with a strategy to build and maintain a network of value-added international distribution partners and stimulate demand through marketing strategy. Mr. Roy is known for his proven ability to fast-track company growth. His dynamic personality and personal motivation fuel his result- and customer-driven approach. Before joining the Coginov team, Marc-André held similar positions at Negotium Technologies, AlphaMosaik, Croesus Finansoft, Nexxlink and DTM. He has a degree in Human Resources from Laval University and a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Commerce from HEC Montréal.


Daniel Bergeron

Director, Operations and Professional Services

Daniel Bergeron has over 20 years of experience in project management and as an IT team lead. At Coginov, he manages the Professional Services and Customer Service teams, as well as company-wide project delivery. He is recognized for his leadership and ability to motivate and energize his project delivery teams to ensure client satisfaction. Before joining Coginov, Mr. Bergeron held key positions in project delivery at Negotium Technologies, AlphaMosaik, Alogient and Bell. He has a Bachelor's degree in Communications from l'Université de Montréal and a diploma in Information Technology.


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