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What is Semantic API? 


Semantic API is a software solution that enables information to be extracted from a set of documents or data. A set of advanced trade rules enhances the precision and relevance of concept extraction. Thus, Semantic API is an engine that enables the automatic extraction of concepts, as well as the identification, filing, and enhancement of information and information discovery and inference.

When combined with Coginov's Semantic Associative Memory, Semantic API can add even more value to extracted data. This combination creates a dynamic smart data storage zone. Our Semantic Associative Memory was founded on two rapidly growing sectors, semantic and associative technology, and offers unrivalled processing power for information discovery, information analysis and predictive analysis. 


Automatic processing of natural language

  • 85%
    Improvement of the structure
  • 30%
    Storage economy
  • 3


    RSI of the solution


  • Automatic extraction of concepts and entities
  • Determining the meanings and contexts of information
  • Automation of the ranking
  • Production of concept clouds (visualization)
  • Analysis of tone and feeling
  • Sectoral dictionaries
  • Offer on demand
  • High processing capacity (millions of documents and terabits of data)
  • Multilingual solution

Did you know? 


In the Gartner report “The Nexus of Forces is Driving the Adoption of Semantic technologies”, analysts say that “By 2018, 40% of vendors in the segments (mentioned below) will create a competitive advantage through the integration of semantic technologies in their product offerings.”

  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  • Governance, Risk, Security and Compliance (GRC)
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Search and Analytics
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Information Management (IM)




Semantic API is an information extraction engine, fine-tuned using advanced rule sets. Rules are generally comprised in thee subsets: information identification & categorization, information enhancements, and information discovery and inference.

Fundamentally, Semantic API is available as a service (on premise or in the cloud), which processes document or information stream passed to the service using webservices and analyzes them using a set of rules tuned to the required results. Semantic API is completely stateless, meaning that it does not retain any reminiscence of document or information stream analyzed keeping the confidentiality of information within the realm of the calling system.

New add-on, the Semantic Associative MemoryTM (SAM) a smart data dynamic storage array is information discovery, information analysis, and predictive analysis aware.


  • Application work-flow centric
  • parameter driven, agile, and flexible
  • Improves information accuracy
  • Increases revenue potentials 
  • Integrated with ease into any service aware application architecture


The Coginov team has invested over 10 years of R&D in developing semantic technology and natural language processing (NLP). Coginov's engine stands out as a high-performance solution with relevant extractions. The engine boasts a multi-level architecture and parallel processing that takes mere milliseconds.

Thanks to the advanced parameterization of the semantic engine, clients can adapt and personalize the results. The solution is particularly unique thanks to its advanced rule-based algorithms and a combination of natural language processing (NLP), heuristics and Part-of-Speech analysis (concept patterns). The quality and specificity of the extractions help clients improve their service on a business level (enhance applications with semantic data) and a user interface level (visualization of semantic data).


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