Get a 360 degree view of your information assets


What is Info-Audit? 


Functioning as a centralized dashboard, Info-Audit provides organizations with a complete view of their information assets (files, data, emails, etc.). Our semantic engine, combined with other applications on various mediums (servers, desktops, laptops, .pst files, etc.), will conduct a physical inventory of your documents and then a semantic inventory of select target documents. Info-Audit enables you to fully understand the structure of your information assets and corporate documents so that you can get the most value out of them.


Get a 360 degree view of your information assets

  • 30%
    storage savings
  • 85%
    structural improvement
  • 3


    return on investment


Integration complete in

  • Finds, structures, explores and ensures the effective use of information
  • Inventories internal and external data
  • Provides an overview of the situation in real time (global information assets)
  • Identifies documents with similar or duplicate content, as well as empty files
  • Automatically generates metadata from document content
  • Categorizes and files information assets
  • Manages several million documents (high performing)
  • Dynamic dashboard that provides diagnostics and recommendations
  • Multi-lingual solution and multi-platform (agnostic)

Did you know? 


In today's economy, the key to remaining competitive lies in performance and information quality management. It is estimated that an organization doubles its data production every two years. Studies show that 80% of content is unstructured and their findings highlight the complexity of information management: 43% of information is not centrally indexed, 10% to 25% of documents are similar and 5% are duplicates. The costs associated with improper information management are extremely high.

Sources: IDC, Gartner, Forrester, etc.



Info-Audit quickly extracts content (semantic concepts and entities), and then analyzes, contextualizes, files and categorizes it in order to create a complete portrait of the body of information, regardless of the information's location. This tool analyzes all of your information assets (documents, emails, web data, etc.) to identify relevant information to inform decision making. It creates a dynamic dashboard with old and current information, helping you to make informed decisions founded on better management, the identification of unique sources (elimination of duplicates), filing, optimized searches, archiving, cleaning, security and governance.


  • Global understanding of your organization's information assets
  • Alignment of information management strategies
  • Improved governance of information management
  • Development of knowledge management (company memory)
  • Lower information management costs (duplicate information)
  • Better security with a reduction in misplaced or misused information
  • Elimination of irrelevant information (noise) to specifically target value-added information
  • Information enhancement using a combination of external sources and extracted concepts
  • Implementation of best security and compliance practices


Organizations must map their information assets so that they can efficiently and effectively manage the information they create, acquire and distribute. In addition, Info-Audit conducts an in-depth analysis of document content, offering a detailed view of the evolution of your information assets, giving you full control over this information landscape.


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