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What is Attribute? 


Designed to be used with SharePoint, Attribute uses Coginov's semantic engine to automatically extract all relevant concepts and unstructured data from document assets. It automatically enriches the information with concepts from documents listed in SharePoint file libraries and enables you to conduct faster and more accurate faceted semantic searches in your files.


Find the information you need.

  • 88%
    better turnaround time
  • 75%
    more accurate
  • 6


    return on investment


Integration complete in

  • Automatically extracts all concepts from document assets
  • Conducts dynamic, faceted semantic searches
  • Generates word clouds
  • Generates summaries
  • Automatically sorts documents
  • Automatically enhances information, eliminating the need for manual metadata entry
  • A multi-lingual solution

Did you know? 


Today, information is generated at an exponential pace and companies are facing greater costs and risks as they acquire, interpret and manage more information.

IDC's white paper on the hidden cost of information  and similar studies have shown that, on average, employees spend close to 30% of their time searching for and analyzing documents for relevant information, 9% on unsuccessful searches and 7% on recreating documents.

For organizations, this constitutes an average cost of $3,500 per employee, per year.



Attribute was designed to be integrated into Coginov's semantic engine. The application is a powerful semantic tool based on an advanced set of rules that enables businesses to analyze, structure, update and find information in SharePoint 2010, 2013 and 2016, as well as in Office 365 (cloud).

Attribute analyzes all information assets that have been downloaded, modified or added in SharePoint and automatically extracts all relevant information, such as concepts, contexts and patterns. It generates smart data (enhanced metadata) and associates it with files to suggest dynamic, faceted semantic searches, and generate word clouds and summaries (for quick view), etc.

Attribute's implementation methodology is based on an iterative approach to knowledge acquisition and transfer. Our experts work closely with your staff to identify knowledge that is specific to your business sector. We look for the best way to segment concepts and patterns to improve searches and information access, and to create an optimal user experience.


  • Enhances and optimizes searches
  • Reduces information management costs
  • Automates information asset classification
  • Focus on business sector knowledge


Attribute, a solution that was designed to run in SharePoint 2010, 2013 and 2016, as well as Office 365 (cloud), offers unique benefits. It optimizes searches, automatically classifies documents and structures knowledge.

Unlike SharePoint's basic search function, Attribute provides access to a dynamic, faceted search environment that suggests concepts to users so that they can refine their searches. Organizations can capitalize on the flexibility of Attribute, adapting it to their line of business, while improving information access and search relevance.

Our goal is to save you time and money, while optimizing your SharePoint experience.



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