Ultima2™ Virtual Assistants

Ultima2™ revolutionizes your document and information management (DIM).


What's it all about?

Ultima2™ revolutionizes your document and information management (DIM). It’s the most user-friendly, comprehensive and secure web-based software on the market!



Thanks to interfaces for computers, tablets, and smart phones, and revolutionary Virtual Assistants, users have never had such powerful software.


Six generations of software developed over a period of more than twenty years allow us to offer you Ultima2™, COGINOV’s most comprehensive software. It helps users as well as administrators carry out required tasks, in full compliance with standards and best practices!


Our customers need a highly-secured environment for their documents and information. Ultima2™ meets their needs!

Main functionalities

  • Management of various inventories.
  • Paper and digital document management.
  • Classification, and document, file and content life cycle management.
  • Simple and advanced searches, and navigation.
  • Report generator.

Virtual Assistants:

  • Associations with objects and/or documents.
  • Paper and/or digital document classification.
  • Document, file and content declassification.
  • Duplicate, semi-duplicate and similar document search.
  • Processes (workflows).
  • Search (thesaurus and semantic filters).
  • File and document assisted input.
  • Validation.

Did you know?

Modern leader in integrated information & document management (IDM). Our provincial, national, and international clientele consists of more than 1000 organizations and tens of thousands of users. With our expertise and experience, Ultima2 can meet the needs of organizations of all types and sizes.


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