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For an organization to get the most out of semantic technology, it must be part of an approach that is strategic, coordinated and integrated.

Coginov has developed the most cutting-edge semantic search engine based on an advanced system of business rules, which manages Natural Language Processing (NLP). The Coginov Vision™ product suite provides a combination of optimized, value-adding applications to address unique business needs.




With its Vision™ product suite, Coginov combines new cloud computing technologies, the power of a semantic engine and application modules to propel document management to a new level.

The semantic engine automatically extracts all information from every document to optimize information use with unparalleled precision. It extracts all business data (concepts, entities, models, contexts, etc.) in order to automatically categorize documents, optimize searches using a faceted semantic search, and effectively collaborate in an integrated and secure environment.

With the unprecedented growth in data volume and sources, the sheer number of document types and the need for quick and easy access to information, document management is becoming a highly valued business function.




Thanks to semantic technology and its automatic extraction function, Info-Audit, part of Coginov's Vision™ suite, allows you to compile a full inventory (physical and semantic) of your information assets. This gives you a map of your assets (documents, web data, emails (.pst), etc.) so that you can understand, categorize, optimize, secure and manage them efficiently.

Top performing organizations need to be able to efficiently and effectively manage the information they generate, acquire and distribute.

Studies show that an organization's data growth doubles in size every two years, making information management paramount. Most of this data is unstructured, making the problem increasingly complex and difficult to manage.




Assistant is an efficient and constantly evolving communication tool that is part of Coginov's Vision™ suite and offers an optimal return on capital invested. It automatically analyzes customer requests in natural language, eliminates the noise (as opposed to a search engine, which generates noise) and provides an appropriate and normalized response. Your clients will automatically receive the right answer on the first try.

Thanks to semantic search, Assistant can use various internal and external sources (document assets, websites, external references, databases, etc.) to provide complete answers to clients. The creation of a knowledge base means easier governance, a reduction in calls and online questions, and increased overall customer satisfaction.

Knowledge management is essential to efficient communication and allows an organization to accurately respond to client requests. Today, communication strategies use a combination of several tools, including online FAQs, communities, email, phone service, virtual help, etc.


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